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    for marketing geared
    towards mobile apps.
  • Avoid dilution,
    minimise risk and
    accelerate your growth.
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Funding for founders,
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AppBoost42 allows you
to create a better platform

for your app to succeed

Secure investment and unlock the potential to boost your marketing
campaign without losing equity.

Our funding allows you to secure from


How it works Supercharge your growth with 4 easy steps

01 Apply for funding Get in touch and a dedicated member of our team
will get back to you within 24hrs.

02 Get an offer We will review your application within 3 days and have a
decision ready for you.

03 Repay on your terms We provide a flexible and fair schedule based on your revenue.

04 Repeat Fuel your growth with AppBoost42.

$ 20 000 000

available in our funding for mobile apps –
we want to hear from you!

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We fund apps that

  • Have a stable UA model
  • Are live in the store
  • Generate over $20k monthly

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Ready to scale your app business but lack the funds for a big
UA campaign? AppBoost42 allows you to multiply your
marketing budget, whilst retaining your equity.

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Our offer:

  • No equity dilution No personal guarantee Get funded in 48 hours
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Our team has been critically acclaimed by some of the top
publications globally, voicing our mission oF
helping companies grow,
whilst their founders keep control

Instead of waiting months to receive earnings from app stores, opting a factoring agreement us at GamesBoost42 can help developers access funds marketing, product testing, and rapid growth.

Bidease and Rocket 10 have entered into a strategic financial partnership with GamesBoost42. Mobile Performance-DSP Bios and AdTech mobile marketing agency Rocket10 have chosen a financial partner for business development.

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